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Executive Directors: Gabriel of Urantia & Niánn Emerson Chase
Managing Editor: Niánn Emerson Chase
Artistic Director: TiyiEndea DellErba
Proof-reading Editor: Selendra Calviero
Staff Writers: Lah-May Bremer, Selendra Calviero, Blue Evening Star Vasvary, Kazarian Giannangelo
Marketing: Amadon DellErba, ShaRu White
Graphic Design: Ardendae Gasser, Amadon DellErba

The Alternative Voice is comprised of members of an intentional community located in Tubac, Arizona. Some of the foundational beliefs of the staff are based on concepts found in The URANTIA Book (Urantia Foundation, 1955) and The Cosmic Family volumes (Global Community Communications Publishing, 1990 onward). The publisher and staff of Alternative Voice, as well as outside contributing writers, share a belief and hope in the explanations of and solutions to our world’s problems as presented in these books and other sources of expanded truths and concepts.

Alternative Voice is sponsored by Global Community Communications Alliance, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, spiritual educational organization, focused on bringing about global change.

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