Global Community Communications Alliance — An international gathering of globally-conscious and spiritually-devoted individuals living in intentional community in Tubac, Arizona under the leadership of the founders, Gabriel of Urantia and Niánn Emerson Chase. Community members live as an EcoVillage in many facets of their lifestyles, seeking sustainability in all things.

Global Change Music — A nonprofit, independent record label with bands whose lyrics speak of a Spiritualution℠—Justice to the People concept of a spiritual revolution (where spirituality means social action, not pious, hypocritical religiosity). The lyrics speak of taking action against any form of those injustices where the people are oppressed. Global Change Music promotes sustainable living, which includes growing your own organic food, building green, permaculture, sharing services and goods (trade and barter), and having a protective environmental consciousness. The music itself can be any genre. However, the musicians must live their message of national and international radical changes.

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Spirit Steps Tours — Enlightening tours for the Seeking Sojourner and Eco-tourist.

Cathedral Rock Lodge — Set in a quiet and restful location, Cathedral Rock Lodge and Retreat Center offers an environment conducive to healing and inner reflections.

Sacred Treasures — Featuring locally created art by artists from all around the world.

The Soulistic Healing Center — Endeavoring to develop true health—not just absence of disease. The healing team at the Soulistic Healing Center understands the key role each patient plays in his or her own healing process and the importance of a wholehearted desire to heal holistically, or rather soulistically.

The Soulistic Hospice — A faith-based, nonprofit, State Licensed, Medicare Certified, and Joint Commission Accredited hospice serving Santa Cruz and Southern Pima Counties.