Sea of Supremacy


It started with a spark
A single spark from The Primordial Heart
Singeing the stillness of potentially
Flaming lilting song seeping toward
Serenity’s edge of beyond
Sentience emerged from solitude
Born of the far side of the silent veil
A thought beyond the bounded static
A word beyond a latent dream
   and then

Springing from the shores of Jannah
The Placeless Place
Cyclones of energy, mind, and matter
Raw and molten bejeweled veins
Pouring forth streams of starfire
Whirling shadowland reflections
Upon the spinning wheel of time and space

Supernal adventure abounds
Within septagonal reflective spirit shrine
Where helping hands and seraphic steed
Laud and praise effort, success and failure
The grappling of Providence
And the scaling of evolution’s scaffolding
To rise above the mortal sound and fury
And cast a stone
Into the Sea of Supremacy