I dreamt of desolation
stretching out before my eyes
lit by the tempered dawn
as it broke upon a rubble-strewn skyline
fractured fragments of sky scrapers
rising like talons gripping the horizon
a metropolis once teeming with life
suddenly silent and bereft
of the human heartbeat

In this vision I held my breath
for fear it would be my last
amid this nightmare I prayed for courage
and to harvest an undying faith
in spite of all that was lost
with the rising tide
and the crumbling of my pride
in spite of the kinks and knots
still to unwind in my repentant soul

As the light pierced deeper
I came to treasure calamity
I came to a truce between myself
and the Majestic Sovereign
I came to have faith in His promised return
I came to have renewed resolution
to continue seeking shelter
in the Placeless Place
in the realm of the Limitless
and with the solitude
of the Divine Ember
burning like a fever
through every ultimaton of my being

In this dream
I surrendered my will
and melted into the Mystic