The Gravity of Purification

Don't Put Your Consciousness in a Free-zer

The Times of the Purification Gathering
is like a shadowy ship in the night
A gravity pull that can almost intimidate
Because I don’t know God might
ask me to do
I don’t know about you
But I feel something happening,
Something big
But it all depends
On what we do
with our hearts, our minds, our hands
And on those who choose
to lose
what they thought they knew
Or where they should go and follow through
In order to come here
To this magic land,
So we wait and wonder
Yet there it is,
This luminous, grandeur approaching

The deep yearning of an ancient call
The ancient ways before the fall
The ancient ways
which are also new
The ways in which the spirits fuse
with the heart and the mind
And with our tribe we reunite
Those who we know from the beginning to the end

The gravity is pulling us to be…Something
To show…Something
Something better than we’ve ever been
something brighter than was ever seen
more beautiful
than we thought we could be
and it’s this time,
this moment,
this window to step through
and we must let go
of all things which make us doubt
be willing to go without:
our comfort zones, our defense mechanisms,
our presumptions, our plans
to be utterly vulnerable
an open book with blank pages
so angels may write the story before your very eyes
in a moment of eternity
to your surprise
the soul before you shall be blessed
and we shall be as children
simple, soft, open, tender
sincere, precious, loving —
these are the fruits which extend
from the Mandate
which we represent
In a way which only spirit knows

And we are called to be present
To stand at attention
Yet to be easy
To be calm
To be…something
Which can be seen and felt and heard and known
By those who have an inkling of this call
To be here in the times of the purification
Gathering, regathering
Something edifying, undefining, ever refining
Ever shaping us, remaking us
And if we do nothing else
But stand faithful,
stand firm,
stand fearless
In this mandate
of the Bright and Morning Star
In this specific location of where we are
This Planetary Sacred Home
Pulling, pulling souls,
those souls
That feel that something
We are that light house, that confirmation
Just to be where we are,
as we are
The Paladin-Van Clan

And for so long we have been working for this
This higher way
This Purification Change Point Day
To be and sing and dance
And shine through our eyes
This truth
Which is Divine
And we will be Purified.