Three Children

Be Aware

written at age 14

Three children playing happily in the sand
A helter-skelter building right at hand,
These children, see, are quite a magnificent brand
They play alone with only toad o’er sight,
Their watchful toad with big and bulging eyes
Is quite the specimen of amphibious kind,
It watches them as any nanny would,
but these children never misbehave
So the toad is quite an idle little thing.

When children are as perfect as can be
You must capture their genes and make a breed,
A man came out and stole their DNA
Replicated the children all the way,
Oh what was the outcome the people say?
It’s an atrocity the man replied
Each child behaves as a rabid animal,
The people could not believe their wide eyes
How can this be, they asked all day and night,
The toad just smiled slowly to himself
He knew the ways the man had failed at large.

These children are so disciplined at home
Please leave their DNA alone good sir
You want a perfect child for your own?
Just raise them slow, and you will be content,

Three children playing happily in the sand
Oh what a marvelous thing this must be.