Toward Tomorrow

The Cost of Activism

Toward the light of tomorrow we set our sights
Seeking shelter from yesterday’s shattered reflections

Of children dying in the night
as bombs fall in clusters
from a moonless sky

Of martyred young women
who bravely take up arms
in a valiant fight against bigotry and ignorance

Of a prideful nation
whose arms once embraced
the downtrodden souls of many a land
that now closes its doors
to those whose ideologies
we don’t want to understand

These are but a few of yesterdays past
As we glide toward tomorrow
Building our future on a foundation that will not falter.

Of unity without uniformity

Of selfless service for the common good of ALL

Of the mutual understanding
that we are
one planetary family—
brothers and sisters
of our Master Sovereign Creator Son
Michael of Nebadon

He has opened His arms
to the fallen fourth order starseed from three other universes
In this grand experiment of cosmic rehabilitation
He has placed His hopes and vision
In this motley crew of cosmic gypsies
To paint tomorrow
With the memories of our glorious past
From Avalon, Fanoving and Wolvering
This is our pallet
So let us dream.