From within deep slumber,rushing out of the black,
a familiar wise face and a voice of unquestioning authority...
He shouts with shattering intensity
you're not Lucifer's girl!!

A jealous Father indeed and should be.
Justifiably angry toward me,
one who gave her heart to a liar.

I left my Father's house long ago,
and have lingered in the delusions of this sophisticated affair.
Lured by unbridled passion,
embracing risky promises my soul dared to accept,
not knowing the price.

Like the addict returning to the abuse of harmful substance,
I have wallowed in my own tailored hell,
warm and cozy by the smoldering embers of relativity,
adapting to the choking heat.

Now remembering the cool clear waters of truth...
well they came flooding in this night—with that strong familiar voice washing over me,
sending shockwaves throughout my body echoing...
You're not Lucifer's girl!!