Right Destiny Or How to Stop Striving to Separate From That Which You Are Most Fearful of Being Separated From!

When I think of the term right destiny, many questions come to my mind. What is wrong destiny? Who designed my right one? What kept me from it all these years? Why no right destiny until I recently arrived where I am now in my life in Divine Administration[1] after decades of living the so-called “American Dream” that eventually turned into a nightmare for me?

Since I more recently attained my current sense of right destiny from what I know was a destiny of wrong focus, I will start with what wrong destiny to me is: deception or distortion of the personal God-willed destiny (relative growth plan) for individual and related collective personalities at any point in their ascension in space and time.

How did I get into a mode of wrong destiny? I believe it came from one thing and one thing only: Choices!—aware or unaware, conscious or subconscious, it does not matter, because it ultimately gets down to a personal process of choices, right or wrong. I offer my experience of moving into wrong-destiny choices and then progressing into right destiny as life’s challenges unfolded.

I believe I was designed naturally to desire a relationship with God, the Father of us all, to seek His guidance and follow His will in a constant moment-to-moment state of grace. His grace! I believe, as a new soul, I was born into this planet through a God-chosen right-destiny family with good parents and loving brothers and sisters, trying to live in a Christ-based life and striving to be naturally of right intention. To the best of their ability at the time of my early childhood, my parents taught us some Godlike concepts, values, and principles.

I was in a right-destiny growth mode until something happened in childhood that greatly shifted that. Something was not right, and no one was telling me what was wrong. I can recall my first sense of “something is wrong here,” at age six, staring through the stairway banister that leads down from my upstairs bedroom into the kitchen where I heard angry and confused voices talking. The voices of my Godlike parents arguing! I experienced fear and insecurity for the first time, and it shifted me from desire to disassociation, which later turned to attachment and addiction, which reinforced my overwhelming sense of rejection, confusion, and uncertainty.

"Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light. 

—Helen Keller

From young childhood experiences like this one and other eye-opening insights into the harsher sides of life and reality, I began to move from my innate desire of seeking a personal relationship with God, through my Godlike parents, into a state of fear-repression, which eventually led me in my teenage years and adulthood to displace that desire for God-consciousness by attaching myself to things of this world and the false deceptions and identities it alone creates. Was this the start of wrong-destiny choices for me? I now believe so.

One of the French origins of meanings for the word attachment is “to nail you to things.” I did that well early on, and by the age of thirteen I was already into a disorienting consciousness of alcohol and drug usage, starting in the late ’60s onward. By the time I was seventeen, I had essentially lost my father and mother to divorce and materialism. By my twenty-fourth birthday I had lost my father to death by alcohol abuse, and my nuclear family exploded. Since I believe “the Father and the Son are one,” in losing one, I decided to lose both of them on a path of nailing myself to many material values, identities, and principles, and I did it very well! I acquired a lot—wealth, property, a family, a power identity in media—the best of the best I had! And I gave very little back beyond what my guilt coerced and my ego fed on.

Jesus said, “You can’t serve two masters.” I chose the Kingdom of Self versus the Kingdom of God (that my parents had taught me about in my very early years). I was lost and confused but still building momentum in my wrong desires of attachment to things I thought were my destiny and right to choose.

Then some of these attachments got vicious, and they turned into addictions, which led to distortions about lifestyle, health, relationships, and material wealth. I developed mental and emotional distortions about power and status and my values therein, all under a belief that if I fed my ego, I would surpass my basic fear acquired from my separation of my natural and basic desire of having a relationship with God. But, unfortunately, I did not know all this then.

Photo by ShutterstockMy addictions got worse, and my deepened loss of control in chemical substance abuse brought me to the state that I most feared, being separated from that which I most feared to be separated from! My fear of the brutal truth of my personal state, as well as my ego hiding it, increased my denial. Eventually my lack of control of my circumstances made it impossible to maintain this state of denial any further, and I spiraled downward to a point of desperation and despair to the place where pure hopelessness exists with no sense of actualization or dignity. Thoughts of dying occur here. Even though I was not there long, I was there, and I knew it!

However, at this place of hopelessness is a space of opportunity for regaining self-esteem and confidence. The tipping point for me was when I blindly, desperately, and humbly backed myself into a corner with my heavenly Father, and He readily allowed me to fall back into His state of grace again. My reconnection to my naturally designed state of desire towards Him guided me to a choice to be as close to Him as possible here in Global Community Communications Alliance within His state of grace. I took the best of my experience and left the rest as a lesson and perspective on wrong-choice destiny. I ran as fast as I could directly to Him.

Today, my past weaknesses are now my strengths to serve a higher reality under God and His divine administration. My bottom of despair is my base of humility.

Was all of this a fear of trusting intimacy of connection that drove me to a lack of faith? It was. The truth is I lost my family connection, and no one I could see was trustingly guiding me except God, who I blew off. I lost trust and faith in my Father(s) and moved on alone. But what I really did is disassociate from the True Source, and when you do that, aware or not, you lose any sense in intimacy. Separation is the result—the great paradox of striving to separate from that which you fear, which in reality is the only thing you really have to be connected to. Once I figured that out, I found myself back in right destiny, to where I started to return to God’s planned journey for me, back to His designed point of true healing and renewal experience for me.

Right destiny today is how you alleviate the pain of not being able to connect with God, all of His beings, yourself, and other human souls—His way through your choices. Attachment to addictions cuts that connection off; the vicious ones like substance abuse cut it completely! Please do not try my way if you have not already. It is not fun and, believe me, I learned that all roads do not lead to the same place, as stubborn, scared people like me learn slowly, the hard way.

So how did all of this further lead me to Divine Administration and what does that have to do with you and me? I will try to explain what I know today as it can be quite complicated without expanded information.

I believe—and The URANTIA Book clearly states (as part of the Fifth and Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation)—that God indwells a spirit fragment of Himself in the mind of every mortal person. He also bestows a unique personality in each of us, so we can have a personal relationship with His personality. A God-designed personal relationship with the Father of all, how wonderful a concept of absolute truth!

The individual human mind discovers, recognizes, interprets, and chooses. Three choices really—self, social, and God—and all three, if used in unification, deliver a right-destiny choice, one day at a time in the moment.

If you look further in Paper 196 of The URANTIA Book and take the same principles mentioned previously in relation to all of God’s children on this planet, it would seem that all personal and combined human progress is affected by the technique of “conjoint revelational evolution.” We only grow together as personalities ascending toward God through a cooperative evolution of self and group via constant ongoing revelation, brought about by combined right-destiny choices in God’s divine will.

Photo by ShutterstockMy humble right-destiny choices do affect yours and vice versa. My choice to be here in Global Community Communications Alliance in right destiny makes this planet a better world under God through serving His administration. In essence, my little right choices have helped facilitate the manifesting of His will for you and me. Right-destiny is serving the highest will of the Father through His personalities and through yours and mine. We all do our collective part in doing His will, and right things happen for the common good of all.

My personal right destiny here is paying off nicely! For example: I seek no further direct aggressive material attachments; they are provided as they were designed to be needed. I am a student of higher concepts of revelation, learning under a trusting higher authority leadership, and I get truthful answers to my questions. I work for the common good of all and often see the results through honest eyes. My creative talents and capabilities are used in the fullest capacity possible. Just my work in Global Change Media alone has no boundary, and I have media brands to work with that the best global agencies could not think of. I get more creative and strategic insights in a day that five years in wrong destiny could not deliver.

My past addictions serve no purpose here; they were essentially choices, and they are essentially gone. I no longer put my energy into an identity of what I monetarily earn and acquire, as I did in my past false-destiny career. Now I work towards the virtue I attain through Godliness, in service to God’s will for the common good of all involved—a huge shift in focus and new personal goal for me, as virtue in God is my new currency to earn and share through an orientation to service.

I am gaining a sense of belonging and calmness. I believe they call that peace! There also is another timing in right destiny—God timing. It takes the pressure off of how I created in the past. I feel connected again because I found a solid process to restart a direct and highly personal relationship with my spirit Father, together with relatives who share one goal: to heal and nurture our soul growth together in God, as family.

I am in the right place with the right people, doing the right-destiny thing, and I have a lot to look forward to in my future in Divine Administration if I keep making the right self, social, and God choices.

So, what is right destiny? It is when you stop running from and start trusting God the Father. I believe they call that faith! Choices in faith for me seal the right destiny, which stops the separation, which kills the fear.

If any of this makes a connection to you, then I urge you to offer your fearful hand out to your heavenly Father and learn who He really is here on this planet. It is then, and only then, that you open the door to finding your right destiny.

[1] Divine Administration is used interchangeably in this article with Global Community Communications Alliance.