Glimpses Into Spiritual Activism From Two Human-Rights Ministers

An individual must be healthy—physically and mentally—to do the arduous work of a true activist, who, in some area, works for the common good of all.

Human-rights Minister Karene; MUP, Master's in Urban and Regional Planning; Served in South America in the Peace CorpsHuman-rights Advocate and Minister KarEne is a Spiritual Care Coordinator for Soulistic Hospice and has a history of working closely with Latin Americans who seek to improve the quality of their and their families’ lives. Below are some of his thoughts on healing.

Our values and consciousness is the understanding we have of ourselves and the world we inhabit, which encompasses our relationships and the process we use to make choices and take action. Directed by our thoughts, our actions are manifested and take shape in how we live and perceive and treat others. God has given us freewill choice, and our lives take shape by our choices. We develop patterns of thinking that become lifestyles, professions, and modes of interaction, which can lead us into a life of self-service and hurting others or a life where we can “let go” of the materialistic desires of the world and seek a more healthy life of service for others, through seeking God’s will. Our physical bodies carry the mark of our choices and can either cripple us or free us. It is all initiated in our minds.

As we seek to heal, to come clean, to care for others rather than just ourselves, we begin to find ourselves, which is the definition of healing. Healing is ascension, and it is an eternal pursuit. As we heal, we begin to embrace the moment and seek God’s will in that moment. As we experience God’s moment within our reality, we begin to “fit”, to flow with what comes our way. We take our place in cooperation and union with others to serve God’s purpose through some sort of activism. In that way, we begin to actualize and become the good and beautiful souls God has destined us to become. Our activism in the Creator continues after our passing from this world, and we continue to expand and grow in our service of love for others.

Human-rights Minister O'Breean; B.A., English & Drama, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand; A.T.C.L. in Speech and Drama, Trinity College of Music, London; Assistant Director of Global Change Theater CompanyHuman-rights Advocate and Minister O’Breean serves as an administrator and teacher in the Global Schools for Starseed and Urantian Children. For years she has been active in writing, directing, and acting in plays that are based on spiritual principles.

We can’t give away what we don’t have. The more whole and healed we are, the more we have to give to others. Almost everyone carries scars from living in a dysfunctional world of families and societies that don’t nurture or support us as young children to meet our higher destinies. Strictly self-centered thinking based on mere materialism can be insidious, causing dis-ease and inability to manifest God’s plan for us.

It is by actively choosing to break away from the values and ways of the greed-motivated, consumer-driven dominant culture and follow a spiritual path that we can be healed. It is hard to hear God’s leading in our brokenness, but, when we finally get to that point where we no longer want to be a part of the problems of our world but part of the solutions, our healing is upstepped and we begin to allow the guidance of God in our lives. By our choices to walk more with God and heal, we become more useful in our service to others.