God's Grass Patch

written by students of Global Schools for Starseed and Urantian Children and Teens
Magenta age 8, AaTein age 7, Ancella age 7


It is calm and peaceful,
The wind is blowing swiftly,
the leaves whistling as they fall.
The sunshine keeps me warm
even in the breeze.
Mother Spirit has grown these trees
and soft grasses—
Here, the grass is like a carpet
and it comforts me.
We know our Father
is in our hearts here too.


There are many changes
to this grassy spot.
We have built houses
and we are growing gardens
and fruit trees.
In this spot there is a new bougainvillea,
A persimmon and an apricot tree.
This patch of grass grows thick
and is nice to rest on.
We hope others can come rest here too—
As we enjoy friends and family to share,
As we sit and think in God’s grassy patch.