Ruminations on the Now and the Needed Future

The URANTIA Book, the Fifth Epochal Revelation, which covers everything from the nature of God to the history of our planet, closes with the sentence, “When all is said and done, the Father idea is still the highest human concept of God.” This higher concept is also expressed by humankind in such ideals as: a planetary family, a global family, and planetary brothers and sisters. Higher consciousness ideals are one thing, but how can we move into behaving more like a global family? And, how do we come to recognize those who should be at the head of the family?

Family Responsibilities

While my mother could not keep her children totally away from junk food and sweets, she actually did a pretty good job of making sure we had a balanced diet. Every evening we would gather together as a family to a dinner that always included salad and vegetables. Lunches were also packed with fruit and raw vegetables.

Looking back, her over-care in this area left quite an impression on me. I recall from that time some family friends who had four children. Even as a child of 10 years old I was appalled at the amount of candy, chips, and sodas these kids ate throughout the entire day. I was also appalled at the state of their teeth, their pallid skin, and the lack of luster in their eyes. I saw first-hand a situation where the lower cravings were satiated while real nourishment was foregone. I realized a body cannot mature and develop properly, much less thrive, without proper nourishment. Now I do not believe these parents didn’t love their children, but I do believe there was lack of wisdom and a lot of misplaced compassion in their parenting techniques.

It is daunting when we look at so many situations in the world that are in need of complete overhaul, but if we stand back and look at these problems as loving parents (rather than as CEOs, presidents, politicians, etc.), we can more clearly see the higher way to address them.

Don’t Buy It—It’s Not the Real Thing!

At a press conference for the 2020 Euro Soccer, Portugual captain, Christano Renaldo, moved the purposely placed Coca Cola’s away from him and instead held up a bottle of plain water and stated “Agua!” Soft drinks are nothing but carbonated water with some flavoring, lots of sugar, oftentimes caffeine added, some chemicals thrown in as well, and possibly some residual pesticides from pollution in the environment. Most “energy” drinks are similar to soft drinks but with more caffeine. Millions of dollars (actually probably billions) have been spent on glossy and flashy advertising campaigns—including placing the product next to popular athletes to imply they are endorsing it. Those who drink the sodas and energy drinks in large quantities—some even to the extent of foregoing water altogether—endanger themselves with obesity, diabetes, and who knows what else.

photo by Matt WakemanWater supplies around the planet are being threatened in order to produce these alternative drinks. CBS news reported that the town of San Cristobal De Las Casas in Mexico was suffering from water scarity due to the Coca Cola bottling plant operating there[i]. Several Indian states as well have attempted to ban soft drinks due to pollution and depletetion of water sources. In some villages local women have had to travel about 3 miles to obtain drinkable water.[ii]

If you really think progressively about it, companies that manufacture products that are potentially harmful at the expense of natural resources and human rights should not have a place on this planet. True leaders of a higher-consciousness civilization, out of love and concern for the “family” they oversee, would help citizens realize the importance of eating healthy foods and drinking pure water and naturally refreshing beverages. They certainly wouldn’t be spending their time and energy assisting those who, out of greed and selfishness, manufacture products which offer nothing beneficial to the people of the planet.

Some Brain Bogglers

More and more studies are linking Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children to the consumption of processed food ingredients such as artificial colors and refined carbohydrates.[iii] Additionally, monosodium glutamate (MSG), which is added to thousands of food and grocery products through a dozen different innocent-sounding ingredients, imbalances endocrine system function, that disables normal appetite regulation, causing consumers to keep eating more food, which then contributes to obesity.[iv]

Rather than protecting children—and adults as well—by pulling these types of foods from the shelves and replacing them with non-processed foods, the current system in place safeguards the “rights” of the manufacturers of the processed foods. In a progressive civilization, higher-consciousness leaders would have the foresight and the authority to pull any substance that has been shown to harm others. Such leadership would serve those they govern with the concern of a parent—a wise parent who desires that those who they care for be actualized on all levels of reality: the physical, the mindal, and the spiritual. Offering healthy natural foods is a good start to balance the physical in order to provide a solid foundation for the development of the mind and the spirit.

War-Weary World

The military budget approved for 2022 is 777.7 billion. Half of the budget goes to contractors.[v] War has become a very profitable global business. Yet the pursuit of war demonstrates the gross spiritual immaturity of the current leaders of the human race.

Besides the barbaric nature of conflicts, the weapons being used and developed have frightening long-term effects for the planet and for generations to come. As just one example, despite the fact that “depleted”[vi] uranium’s radioactive and toxic residue (DU) has been linked to birth defects, cancers, the Gulf War Syndrome, and environmental damage, it is the Pentagon’s choice for penetrating tanks, reinforced bunkers, and buildings.[vii] They fail, however, to mention or care to consider the devastating effects DU has on the civilian population—men, women, and especially children. Almost 20 years after the start of the conflict in Iraq, children continue to be born with congenital deformities.[viii]

The Iroquois Confederacy offered a wise saying that leaders should always bear in mind: “In every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.” The URANTIA Book states that, “Savage man loves his child, but civilized man loves also his grandchild.”[ix] It also states that “. . . Jesus sought to reveal this new concept of fatherly love as it is related to certain emotional attitudes concerned in making numerous environmental social adjustments”.[x]

Men and women who plan for the destruction of others and who have no regard for sustainability of the planet would not be qualified to be leaders or commanders in a future progressive civilization. (In fact, they should probably be imprisoned in order to protect those who desire to live and participate in true progress.) If we are to create a more advanced, progressive civilization, the first requirement for leaders would be to regard all in the human race as members of God’s family.

Leveling a Downhill Slide

The dependence on oil has not subsided. Even Elon Musk recently tweeted that oil and gas production needs to increase due to Russian supplies being cut off due to the invasion of Ukraine.[xi] Oil companies continue to target environmentally sensitive regions. They are also using destructive techniques such as fracking[xii], a process of drilling and injecting fluids into the ground at a high pressure in order to fracture shale rocks to release petroleum and natural gas inside, but which can also contaminate ground water, degrade air quality, result in gases and hydraulic fracturing chemicals migrating to the surface—none of which contribute to a healthy environment.

While the demand for alternative energy increases, many people are not aware that other types of energy have to come from some kind of source. When plugging in an electric car, it is important to bear in mind that electricity primarily comes from coal, nuclear power and natural gas. Michael Moore’s documentary “Planet of the Humans” presents a realistic look at the shortcomings of the “clean energy movement” and the corporate backers behind it.

Greed is a bottomless pit which exhausts the [hunter] in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction.

~ Erich Fromm, 1900-1980, American Psychologist

Mark Robinowitz writing for the website oilempire.us makes some important points and asks some very vital questions, which we all need to seriously consider. How we use the remaining oil determines the future of the human race. Do we “spend” it on solar panels or battleships? Do we spend it on relocalizing food production or further “globalization” of production? Author and lecturer Richard Heinberg believes that “True individual and family security will come only with community solidarity and interdependence. Living in a community that is weathering the downslope well will enhance personal chances of surviving and prospering far more than will individual efforts at stockpiling tools or growing food.”[xiii] Heinberg also believes that “. . . nations must adopt radical energy conservation measures, invest in renewable energy research, support sustainable local food systems instead of giant biotech agribusiness, adopt no-growth economic and population policies, and strive for international resource cooperation agreements.”[xiv]

We hear from many an expert on what they believe is needed to help our planet survive the transition out of oil dependence, but yet there is little evidence that current global leaders are responding. Leaders who have the love and wisdom of a parent for the planet’s population would not be squandering the resources and health of a planet on wars. They would instead be ensuring a major slowdown of energy consumption and encouraging an acceleration of innovative and environmentally-clean solutions to help redesign the workings of civilization.

The Right to Choose the Highest Way

No doubt the opposing arguments to this article will cry “What about freedom of choice?” But, do people really have true freedom of choice? The highest choice people can make is to do the will of the Creator. The dominant culture, in actuality, tries to take away that highest choice and offer nothing but lower choices—choices which only benefit those in power, also known as the 1% and the global power elite.

photo by Global Change Media

There are so many other situations that can be looked into where it can be ascertained that behind them are self-serving individuals and corporations—global warming, chemical contaminations, genetically engineered foods, corporate advertising and consumerism, globalization at the expense of the poor for the benefit of the wealthy, etc. And factored into all of these situations are the cogs of the wheel—people who believe that out of necessity to support themselves and their families, they don’t have any other choice but to work at jobs that crush the spirit and compromise the environment.

Fixing the Foundational Concepts

The dominant culture of today is built on concepts that are not compatible with eternal values. We need to understand and recognize the erroneous concepts that pervade all of the societies in this world if we are going to pull ourselves out of this mess and then not succumb to it again. We also need to understand the highest principles that can unite all men and women of this planet to seek common goals. Erroneous, non-divine concepts encourage us to dispense with the notion of God and see ourselves as gods, entitled to manifest anything we want. Divine concepts teach us to recognize the sovereignty of God the Father/Mother of all, to treat one another with love and respect, and to be of service to all.

The SpiritualutionSM movement[xv] seeks to unite all movements that seek justice to all people and protection for our home planet. The world will change when people at all levels change and accept their personal responsibilities within the global family, manifesting a world where leaders seek the highest good of all, and men and women demonstrate their willingness to work towards a higher civilization through “. . . unselfish and loving social service.”[xvi]


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