Behind The Mask—Awakening To The Great Lie

Several years ago, as part of my personal spiritual program within the Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program at the University of Ascension Science and the Physics of Rebellion (UASPR)[1], I was assigned to read the book People of the Lie by M. Scott Peck, M.D. This wonderful assignment helped shed insight into my personal inner psychospiritual state at the time. The book continues to help me awaken to and become more honest in owning the lies I still at times weave in my mind.

This is a book one should go back to periodically to gain a deeper perspective and understanding of how the sophistries of the Lucifer Rebellion[2] have affected all of humanity. Most of us humans are to varying degrees disassociated from our God-given personalities. In a vain attempt to actualize that blueprint personality design, we put on masks and live within a mental fable of our own construction and self-deception, often presenting civil airs of respectability to others. We have become so adept at this that we too often fail to discern good from evil in others as well as ourselves.

“People of the lie” is an apt description, most especially of fourth-order starseed[3] such as me who so willingly bought into Lucifer’s selfish and narcissistic concepts that have ensnared humanity for the past 200,000 years. Lucifer’s deceptions, so deeply and sophisticatedly entrenched in the fundamental structure of our planet’s socio-political cultures, are accepted as normal. Some of these lies and concepts are blatant and easy to see. Yet many are more shaded in varying hues of grey. These are the hidden faults and presumptuous sins to which we are blind—the lies in which we live that each of us must excavate ourselves from to truly heal and return to our point of origin reconstruction[4].

The second chapter of the book is entitled “Toward a Psychology of Evil.” When Dr. Peck wrote the book, the “psychology of evil” was quite a new concept, and his work to develop such a psychology of evil was groundbreaking. At the UASPR, we study and learn to discern and identify evil (error), sin, and iniquity within ourselves as we uncover and begin to heal our own hearts of darkness, and then assist our brothers and sisters to heal of their rebellious ways. 

Rebellion, with its multi-faceted effects on the soul, results in a variety of “dis-eases” on all levels—physical, mindal, emotional, and spiritual—hence, I love the term “physics of rebellion.” The science of physics focuses on the physical properties and phenomenon of things, and includes mechanics, heat, light and other radiation, sound, electricity, magnetism, and the structure of atoms. As students of Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation (CFER)[5] at the UASPR, we study thought science—how energy follows thought and how our thoughts and perceptions affect not only the physical but also the spiritual realm.

Thoughts that are Deo or Godly are harmonic, healing, and positively transformative. Dio thoughts are those in alignment with Luciferic concepts that lead to negative outcomes. The mind is the bridge between the physical and the spiritual, and the battle of our souls is within the mind. Paper 111 of The Urantia Book states, “Material mind is the arena in which human personalities live, are self-conscious, make decisions, choose God or forsake him, eternalize or destroy themselves.”

Therefore seeing we have this ministry, as we have received mercy, we faint not; but have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness, nor handling the word of God deceitfully; but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God.
~ 2 Corinthians 4 Authorized (King James) Version

Fallen fourth-order starseed, such as me, are rediscovering how to ascend and reverse the negative effects of the rebellion. Dr. Peck states that “evil is that which kills spirit.” My soul has certainly become stagnant and disintegrated from its original design through many lifetimes of adherence to rebellious concepts that have affected my thought life and my emotional intelligence. As I see and experience first-hand how deeply rebellious roots grow and become more aware of the levels of evil, sin, and iniquity in my soul, I can more quickly reverse those negative effects, re-integrate my soul and Godly personality, and become better able to assist others to come out of their rebellious thinking, feeling, and doing.

A key concept presented in chapter two of People of the Lie is malignant narcissism. As ascending mortals living on a fallen planet, we all have traces of narcissism to varying degrees.  As a fourth-order starseed, this disease of being overly consumed with self-image and selfish desires has been and continues to be quite prevalent in my soul. To what degree, I need to continue to delve deeper, and in this discovery, I will learn more about the enemy within and become better equipped to overcome the narcissistic grip on my soul.

Using case studies, Dr. Peck presents the paradox in which “people of the lie” live; while they see themselves as perfect and without fault, at the same time they have a deeply hidden and unacknowledged sense of their own evil nature. In some of the cases, I found it difficult to imagine that anyone could be so delusional. Yet, I can be just as blind to and justify my wrongdoing. It is quite shocking when you begin to own up to your delusions.

I know that I still have much ingrained rebellion to excavate and eradicate so I can heal at a much deeper soul level and completely come out of the self-absorbed false persona that I have adopted. This immature childish victim obscures the mature woman of God I am becoming by wearing flashy garments in a vain effort to hide the insecurity I feel from having denied God's penetrating love. I have cowered in the corner like a scolded puppy for far too long and it is time to accept responsibility for pooping on the rug and clean up my mess.

In this chapter, Dr. Peck presents a case study of a husband and wife who had given their son the gun with which their other son committed suicide. This was an example of extreme narcissism. The couple saw nothing wrong with this action and quite rationally justified it. I do not believe my narcissism is as malignant as theirs, however at times I too put on airs of respectability—blind to my own selfishness—and deflect any personal responsibility for my dio patterns.

It seems extremely self-centered and utterly ridiculous to think that any sane parent would give their child the suicide weapon of their other child as a gift. This study is an opportunity be more aware of my own actions which give my children the message that I do not love them, others or God, or that I do not uphold Divine Administration[6] principles.  Being emotionally immature and not upholding Divine Administration principles can be damaging to my children’s souls. They need the most dedicated and Godly guidance by me as a parent that they can get to spiritually mature and unfold into their destinies on this planet. 

Our free will provides the choices and decisions upon which we build a Deo spiritual foundation on solid ground or a dio foundation built upon quicksand. As a parent and spiritually-mature-adult-becoming in Divine Administration, I need to be the best example to my children by growing in my appreciation and respect for my elders and not thinking I know better than they do, or grumble, and half-heartedly adhere to their counsel.

While there are many times when I agree with and accept my elder's decisions with no internal complaint, there are times when I do not fully understand or like a decision or procedure, and I try to skirt around the edges doing it “my way.” This always bites me in the you-know-what.

In my studies of Islam, I came across the concept of the self-reproaching soul in the Quran and it struck me profoundly. I was unfamiliar with the definition of self-reproaching, which is a feeling of deep regret usually for some misdeed. This is the state that one of Dr. Peck’s patients acquired when he allowed the light of truth and insight to come in and begin a healing process.  Quite the opposite to the parents who had no feelings of guilt, remorse, or self-reproach for what they had done to their son.

When reading more about self-reproach I was inspired by the following from an Islamic website[7].

In Sufi terminology, we come across the following concepts. The noble Sufis say that man in his nature goes through three stages of human development. The first stage is called An-nafs-ul-ammarah ‘the self that tempts (to evil)’ as said by the Holy Qur’an: ‘…Surely, man’s inner self often incites to evil. [12:53] 

The second stage of development is called An-nafs-ul-lawwamah ‘the self that blames’ – translated as ‘the self-reproaching conscience’.

The first stage is developed into the second stage when the traveler performs righteousness, and exerts himself in riyadah ‘ascetic discipline’ and mujahadah ‘spiritual struggle’. This Self is conscious of its own imperfections. It regrets its evils and shortcomings, but it is not completely cut off from the evils. The third and highest stage of development is called An-nafs-ul-mutma’innah ‘the self at peace’. This self develops into this stage when it progressively performs righteousness and attains Divine nearness and applies the sacred laws of Shari’ah so rigorously that Shari’ah becomes his nature and develops a natural hatred for anything contrary to Shari’ah. The title of the self at this stage is mutma’innah.

Though I have yet to enter the third stage, mutma’innah, which I see as first psychic circle stabilization[8], I am clearly moving through the second stage of mujahadah. The sacred laws of Shari’ah are God’s Commandments that my spiritual teachers Van and Niánn encourage us to follow, not the extreme fundamentalism of man’s dogma found in present-day Islam and other religions.

The Personally Integration Rehabilitation Program was a riyadah, or ascetic discipline that helped me to become more honest and transparent about the lies I present to myself and others as I continue to unfold into a dedicated self-reproaching soul reaching for Godly perfection. It is a program I continue to use as a guidepost in my daily Tao. I cannot expect to become perfectly healed of all my dio overnight, but I can realistically become more willing and submissive to God’s perfect will by engaging in the healing process. This submission and surrender will bring me deeper stabilization on the third psychic circle and upward, eventually to the first psychic circle and highest state of peace, becoming a true Mahatma or muṭmaʾinnah.

With eyes, heart, mind, and soul wide open, I rest in the Palm of God’s hand.


[1] https://uaspr.org/

[2] See Paper 67 in The URANTIA Book for the truth and origin of the tales, common to most religions, of the devil and “the fall”. This paper provides the background and bigger picture of who Lucifer was and how the Lucifer Manifesto affected our planet, Urantia, for the past 200,000 years.

[3] Fourth-order starseed are souls whose first life was on another planet in another universe. They heard and accepted the concepts presented in Lucifer’s “Declaration of Liberty,” which resulted in their descension or “fall” to Urantia to experience first-hand the results of the application of these concepts. Fourth-order starseed and some other non-fallen orders of starseed have repersonalized (had past lives) many times throughout the history of Urantia.

[4] Point of origin reconstruction is the process of reintegrating one’s personality and healing the soul to its highest earned ascension level before the fall. For new souls, approximately seven billion on this planet, it is a process of purification to shed all traces of rebellion and to ascend into the personality design given by the Universal Father. See The Cosmic Family, Volume 1.

[5] Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation applies to the advanced concepts of ascension science presented in The Cosmic Family, volumes, which expand upon foundational concepts presented in The URANTIA Book. CFER is mean to unify all faiths and religions.

[6] Divine Administration is a group of Destiny Reservist Human-Rights Advocates and Ministers working conjointly with Celestial Overcontrol to spiritually unite all peoples of the planet and to bring Urantia into the First Stage of Light and Life. Divine Administration principles are reflective of the celestial administration of the local universe in which our planet is but one of ten million. Van / Gabriel of Urantia / TaliasVan and Niánn Emerson Chase are the human leaders of the planetary Divine Administration and co-share the Mandate of the Bright and Morning Star. See The Cosmic Family, Volume 1.

[7] https://muslimdawah.org/quran/sura/75

[8] Psychic circles are seven levels of consciousness that all mortals advance through in their spiritual ascension. See Paper 110 of The URANTIA Book and The Cosmic Family, Volume 1. Stabilization on the third psychic-circle is the goal for fourth-order starseed repersonalized on Urantia in this present age. The first psychic-circle is the final level to attain prior to the soul’s fusion with the Thought Adjuster or fragment of the Universal Father that indwells the mortal mind.